The OTT STANDARD 2 is the ideal tube diffuser for installation in existing wastewater treatment plants. Like all OTT tube diffusers, STANDARD 2 includes patented technical solutions, including an integrated air duct that provides an even distribution of airflow along the entire diffuser length and membrane mounting edge, For safe and folds-free membrane positioning.

The OTT STANDARD 2 diffusers can be quickly and easily mounted on rectangular heads with outlet openings of 30, 40 or 45 mm diameter. They are mounted in pairs using double threaded connectors available in PP-GF structural plastics, alternatively in stainless steel grade VA or brass.

The OTT STANDARD 2 diffusers can also be mounted on round heads with a diameter of 20 mm outlet holes. Secure mounting provides a saddle-shaped adaptor. These rugged adaptors ensure reliable operation at high operating temperatures and exceptional resistance to formic acid.

The OTT STANDARD 2 tube diffusers are available from stock in 500, 750 and 1000 mm effective lengths. Individual lengths, e.g. In the case of trailer-mounted machining units or MBR modules, they can be produced accurately according to your specifications.