Biofilters clean the air from gaseous, volatile and aerosol substances in waste and polluted air.

Biofilters are not filters in the technical sense of the word, these are complicated biocatalizers or bioreactors. Through the metabolism of microbial biofiltrics, toxic, ominous substances are transformed into harmless, odour-neutral chemical compounds such as carbon dioxide and water (H2O and CO2).

A material that is filled with a biofilm absorbent the substances that are ominous and toxic from the air stream delivered to the device. Microorganisms located on and in the fibres decompile the supplied practical substances in 100.

Biofilters can be used to clean the air with a mixture of solvents from production plants for example, paintshop, ominous air from sewage treatment plant, food processing plants, forage production plants, composters. The requirements and application range of Biofilters is contained in VDI Richtlinien 3477 “Biofilter”.

In order to ensure effective, long-term work and proper functioning of the equipment, it is necessary to ensure appropriate physico-chemical conditions inside the appliance. Parameters such as temperature, air humidity, PH, the amount of organic compounds supplied to the device affect the effectiveness of the metabolism.