Stabilized and disinfected sewage sludge as valuable fertilizer
With autoheated thermophilic aerobic digestion (ATAD) sewage sludge becomes stabilized and disinfected, transforming it into a valuable and cost-effective fertilizer, that fulfills highest international quality requirements. Other waste streams that can be treated with the ATAD process include industrial and municipal sewage sludge.
The aerobic and thermophilic process (temperature range 50-60 °C) facilitates short reaction times, which minimizes the space requirement and therefore the investment costs of sludge treatment. The stable process and robust machine equipment from MAREX lead to a reliable operation with easy handling.
The combination of increased oxygen introduction at the beginning of the process and the application of newest exhaust air treatment technology makes our ATAD even more effective.
• Simultaneous stabilization and disinfection
• Short process retention times of 7 to 9 days
• Reduced space requirement
• Low investment costs
• High process stability
• Flexible process control
• Easy plant extension
• Plant-compatible fertilizer as end product
• ATAD process fulfills international guidelines
• Perfectly suited for industrial and municipal applications