The device is used for sewage treatment of solid contaminants of a size exceeding 0.5 mm. Completely made of acid-resistant materials.


Sewage (gravity or pump) is brought into the interior of the cylindrical sieve. The Skratki is retained in the trough of the sieve and the separated liquid flows gravitationally to the outside of the device. Cleaning knives collect particles greater than 0, 5mm, which are routed to the part of the treatment plant responsible for waste management. The machine is working until the desired liquid level is obtained, followed by reversing the direction of movement of the drum and automatically attaching the spray nozzles – the cleaning process. The operation of the cylindrical separator is in automatic mode.


  • Rotary drum made of cylindrical trapezo rods with a clearance of 0.5 mm
  • Drive unit
  • Pressurized Central washing system


  • Excellent pre-treatment of wastewater
  • Low power consumption
  • High effectiveness of sieve cleaning (in automatic mode)