Tubular Flocculator-It is used for chemical precipitation of pollutants from wastewater by means of coagulants and flocculants, correction of pH and formation of larger, easily separable agglomerates, so-called. The flokuł.

Tubular flocculators provide optimum dispersion of larger particles, which then flow to the flotators or settlers. The Flocculator design provides sufficient time for the mixing of wastewater and provides optimum conditions for the formation of large flocuents, without the need for mechanical mixing.


  • Flow meter
  • Automatic gate valve for regulating the flow of chemistry
  • Dosing nipple for chemical reagents
  • Appropriate sensors to control the processes


  • Construction to accelerate the flow of wastewater
  • Made from materials resistant to aggressive wastewater and chemical agents


Through pipe of appropriate length and diameter. The built-in sockets allow for the connection of chemical agents and pH probes, and the corresponding ports allow to control the process overlap after each of the measures. The Flocculator design allows to increase the flow velocity of the liquid for optimum dispersion of chemistry in its respective sections.