Construction of industrial wastewater treatment Plant

We deal with the construction, moderniisation and renovation of industrial plants. Thanks to high quality customer service, wide offer, extensive technical backend and consequences in operation, the quality of our services is constantly increasing. In order to meet the requirements and expectations of clients we realize investments in the construction of sewage treatment plant “turnkey” helping the investor to go through the various stages of the investment.


We design and operate sewage treatment plants and vacuum cleaners of industrial wastewater, especially from the food industry:

  • Slaughter and processing of bovine animals, swine, poultry,
  • Paper industry (cardboard production, printing),
  • Fruit and vegetable processing,
  • Plastics processing (packaging recycling),
  • SMALCU Melting Plant,
  • Maintenance of metal surfaces,
  • Textile Industry (dyeing and launting).

Wastewater from different branches and plants differs considerably in composition and properties. In any case, tests and experiments must be carried out. The choice of reprocessing technology is also an individual matter. That is why we can offer our customers a wide range of services today: