Sludge digestion

Autoheated Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion ATAD

Stabilized and disinfected sewage sludge as valuable fertilizerWith autoheated thermophilic aerobic digestion (ATAD) sewage sludge becomes stabilized and disinfected, transforming it into a valuable and cost-effective fertilizer, that fulfills highest…

Sludge digestion

Sludge fermentation + Biogas production

Marex provides complex solutions for waste management including sludge fermentation and biogas production.Sludge fermentation is a proven process of sludge stabilization dating back to the end of the 19th century…

Other devices

Poultry Transport Containers

As a company that corresponds to all the needs of its customers, MAREX has created easy-to-use containers. Thanks to the use of containers no damage is recorded during loading and…

Other devices

Feather/Waste Separator

The Separator is used to separate the feathers and the post-slaughter waste from sewage. Due to the application and the type of transfer of the elements inside the sieve to…

Other devices

Bone Crusher

A bone crusher equipped with two independently working crusher shafts driven by a 7.5 or 15kW geared motor.

Other devices

Conveyor Belts

The belt conveyor is used for the transport of bulk and piece cargo mainly in the horizontal and slightly inclined direction by means of the belt as a traction and…

Other devices

Auger Conveyors

An auger conveyor is a device whose role is to transport sticky and difficult-to-flow materials. By construction, they can be with an open trough, closed trough or tubular. The working…

Drainage of sewage sludge

Screw-Disc Press

Fully automatic device, allowing dewatering of deposits, made of acid-resistant steel.

Drainage of sewage sludge

Screw Press

The screw press is used for dewatering and thicking sludge from industrial processes. Made of 316L acid-resistant steel. Powered by a pump, gravitationally from the tank or directly from the…

Biological treatment plants

AIRREX Modular Piping System

Quick and easy installation without the use of adhesives and other auxiliary materials Allows for thermal expansion Operation at air temperature 100 ° Outlet openings with internal thread 3/4 “NPT…